Wednesday, June 17, 2009

GAME: Bookword Game

Suey threw out a great bookword suggestion this week because there were tons of ideas. Some words seem to illicit more suggestions than others, and this one must be something lots of people recognized. For the bookword we need to know what we should we call a non-fiction book that reads like fiction?
We had for suggestions:
  • fic-a-like by Melissa
  • TrueFiction, RealFiction, and Lifenovel by Suzanne
  • Novel Reality and Dramatic Reality by Jan
  • te-rue-fic by Kristi
  • non-friction and non-non-fiction by Julie
  • Unbelievably-True" book or For Real(?) by thoughts of joy
  • not-so-fiction by Chantele
  • Niction by Twiga92
  • RealImitation by Serena
  • Docu-Fic by BookPlease
  • ficumentary by Jennysbooks
Well done people! How will I ever pick to vote? How will you ever pick to vote? Come by my blog to vote in the next week, and I'll have the results next Wednesday (or so.)

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  1. Wow! There's votes all over the place for this one. Fun fun! :)


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