Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, Where Are You?

It is crazy hot here this week. We don't do really hot very well, with little air conditioning for the most part. We decided Saturday, the hottest day of the year, would be a great day to take our three kids, plus three extra, to the exhibition and spend the whole day outside on the rides. It was good fun for all, with lots of slushie breaks and a trip inside the colliseum to see the animals and get out of the sun. I was the only victim with sunburned shoulders. And my son won a scooter at the ring toss - a really nice, big scooter. It was pretty impressive. I took a book to read during my waits for the children to get off the ride and then run around to get back in line.

In reading, I have just arrived in Venice from a ransacked Rome, in the 1500s. It's fun to be in a historical fiction. (In the Company of the Courtesan by Sarah Dunant)

Where is reading taking you today? Leave a comment, write a post, spread the word.


  1. Sounds like your family had a nice Summer day.

    In reading I am in New Mexico in the late 1800's. It gets very hot there too.

  2. I would love some heat! This is our last summer month here in Norway and it's chilly like an autumn afternoon.

    I'm in Canada in my book and on my iPod I'm in Italy during World War I.

  3. I'm in history too, but a few years earlier than you and I'm in trouble. Detailshere.

  4. I have my Where Are you on my blog. http://ilovelovebooks.blogspot.com.

    Anyway, I'm Tucson, Arizona with a glassmaker. The book is a cozy.


  5. It is very hot here. Summer seems not be in a hurry to retreat!

    Tuesdays: Teaser/Whereabouts

  6. Hahaha, I am so from South Louisiana - I read your post and immediately thought MY GOD she has been hit BY A HURRICANE. But then I realized no, probably that is not what "little air conditioning for the most part" means.

    I'm in the past chilling with my hero Frederick Douglass today!

  7. I hope the shoulders healed up nicely and congratulations on the scooter win.

    I enjoy reading historical fiction, sounds like a good place to be.

    I am here

  8. I'm between Pakistan, Afghanistan and America trying to get schools built to help educate young girls (Three Cups of Tea)

  9. I just finished Sarah Dunant's Sacred Hearts this morning!

    Here's mine: http://booksandmovies.colvilleblogger.com/2009/08/18/teaser-tuesdays-its-tuesday-where-are-you-august-18-2009/

  10. I'm here.


  11. Hello! I'm writing to let you know that you have been nominated for a Book Blogger Appreciation Week Award for Most Eclectic Taste. Please email me ASAP at elischulenburg@gmail.com for more information on your nomination. (FYI - the deadline is Friday, August 21.) Congratulations!

  12. I'm in a small village in Korea right around the turn of the 20th century. It's wintertime in the book, which is great because it's crazy hot in real life!

  13. A nunnery in Ferrara, Italy in 1570.

  14. Sorry. Proper link here:

  15. I am a bit late in dropping by but was still intending to post regardless!

    On Tuesday I started out in medieval China, riding the plains with Genghis Khan as he tried to defeat the Chin! (Lords of the Bow by Conn Iggulden)

    Later that day I was in England just getting to meet Charles II, the king who is about to embark on a passionate affair with Barbara Villiers, Countess of Castlemaine (Royal Harlot by Susan Holloway Scott)


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