Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GAME: Bookword Game

Results are in from the last Bookword Challenge.
What shall we call a book that makes you sleepy?

It shall henceforth be called Lullabook, as suggested by Suziqoregon. Great Job SuziQ!

Luckily, I haven't had one of those lullabooks lately. See how easy it is to work the new word into your vocabulary? We have had a request for a bookword, and I can easily see where the need for this bookword comes from. For those of us who keep detailed records of the books we read (and it isn't to brag, it's the numbers and lists and stats that are so much fun to play with) are in a unique dilemma this week.

What do we call a book that we start reading this year, and finish next year?
(Even if that happens over a day or so between December and January?)

Suggestions in the comments please, for the next week. Star this post if you need to, and think on it (until next year!) We'll have a poll next week on the suggestions.

I hope everyone is making their new year's resolution to think of great ideas for the Bookword Game, and to spread the word to get more people playing. Happy New Year to everyone!


  1. What do we call a book we start 2 years ago, and MIGHT finish 2 years from now? War and Peace! Lol! :)

    For my real suggestion... how about A Crossover Book?

  2. A "two timer"? ;-) Or maybe a "Leap Year Book"?

  3. What about an Auld Lang Syner?

  4. jenny put the question out on her blog, and:

    mumsy suggested Splitbook?


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