Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GAME: The Bookword Game (sticky post)

Welcome, it's time to look over the choices and make your vote. Suey asked us this week for suggestions for what should we call a book that seems to take on a personality of its own and call out to you to "please read me NOW" and is very persistent about it and won't leave you alone until you've read it. Or, in shorter words, what should we call a book that begs to be read immediately?

Lots of suggestions too! Excellent effort this week.

Pam suggested Baggage Book
Emilee suggested Book Badger
Jan suggested GottaRead Book
Jan von Harz suggested A Book Siren or a Beseeching Book
bybee suggested a come-hither book
melissa suggested README
tif suggested Top Notch or King of the Mountain

Come by and vote for this week's Bookword. I'll have the poll open until Wednesday next week and then I'l have results and a new word next week. Have fun voting!