Wednesday, May 26, 2010

GAME: The Bookword Game (sticky post)

We have a winner! The new Bookword for that book that is calling out to you to be read is A Book Siren as suggested by Jan von Harz. Congratulations, Jan!

We need a new situation. What about that poor book you bring home from the library, that looked so good, but then the due date comes and other books were read instead? So you have to take it back unread. (Of course, you have every intention of taking it out again and reading it.) What shall we call the library book that gets returned unread?

I'll take suggestions in the comments and Suey will put up a poll next week on her blog. Even if you think of something, please leave a comment. Sometimes that is all it takes to help someone else come up with an idea. It's one big brainstorming session in the comments.