Sunday, January 12, 2014

UPDATE: Sunday Salon

Not really a Sunday Salon, but it's a weekly update of sorts.

Reading/Books: I finished listening to Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O'Nan, a book I've always wanted to read. It was only 4 hours or so, and it got me inspired to walk on the treadmill at school at the end of the day twice this week. A wonderful side benefit of working at a high school is the fitness room and library that are available. Plus all those teenagers to keep you young-ish. Or feeling very old some days - it goes back and forth!
I have been reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, a memoir that I've only heard good things about. It's very readable, but holy cow! such a terrible childhood. It reminds you that everyone has different life experiences and philosophies. This is for my book club and we meet the end of January. I'll have no trouble getting this finished. I also have a Canada Reads 2014 book waiting for me at the library. Cockroach by Ragi Hawe, and I'm looking forward to it. I loved his DeNiro's Game a few years ago.

Other Events: This completed the busiest week-end we will probably have all year! A ringette tournament for both girls, and a school-based basketball tournament for our son. So, that made, since Wednesday: 5 basketball games for son, 7 ringette games for the girls, Rachel refereed (for the first time!) in 6 games, Jack worked the scorer's table for 2 games, husband worked at 3 other ringette games, and a shift on the basketball canteen. I was a parent/teacher volunteer at the basketball tournament, so spend most 'extra' time there supervising and helping out. Plus, we had 3 showings of our house that we are trying to sell!

Luckily, both venues are only a kilometer apart, and there were hospitality rooms at both places. The rule was - eat where you can, whenever you can! It was crazy busy, but lots of fun, with much socializing and visiting with parents, and great games to watch. It was successful as well - Jack's team won the tournament and he was named MVP of the tourney. The girls had some great individual games - Rachel's team, the Fishermen (coach's last name is Fisher!) went 2-0-1 and just missed the cross-overs with goal differentials. She also made it through a penalty-laden, chippy game without a penalty. That was good for her! Jamie's team, the Fast and Furious, went 1-3 against some really tough competition.

Whew! It was worse thinking about all that had to happen, and keeping ourselves organized and getting the right people to the right places. Both events are such fun, with great people, and sports is really where we do most of our socializing with other parents who have become friends. Plus, watching the kids compete is a lot of fun. In many ways, having both on the same week-end is good, as it just makes for a crazy busy time instead of having two week-ends like that.