Sunday, January 19, 2014

UPDATE: Sunday Update

Books and Reading:
I finished The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. It is amazing how kids can survive and thrive despite their parents. The author recounts severe neglect and abuse with a detached eye, with no judgement, as she really knew nothing else. It will be an  interesting discussion at book club next week!

I got Cockroach on one week loan from the library. It's is very popular right now as it is a Canada Reads 2014 selection. So far it is okay. An immigrant from an unknown middle east country to Montreal is struggling after a suicide attempt. I like his interactions with other people, including his court appointed psychologist, but when he is on his own, and descending into madness via stream of consciousness, I find it more difficult to read. Probably won't get done by Tuesday, but at 25 cents a day, I'll live with the overdue fines.

My audiobook is grabbing my attention much more right now. How the Light Gets In by Louse Penny, read by Ralph Cosham is over 13 hours, but I'm over half way through and completely caught up in the suspense. Looks like I might get on the treadmill quite a bit this week!

Before I got Cockroach, I had started The Long Song by Andrea Levy but didn't get very far. I'll get back to it after Cockroach. I had a bunch of other books I wanted to read in January (Mad About the Boy, Incomplete Revenge, S. ) but next week starts final exams, so things will get busy.

Television Shows:
I got sucked into The Bachelor* the first week, and as football is no longer on Monday nights, I can pick the channel. Juan Pablo and the crazy girls provides much amusement. Downton Abbey is started up again, and while not quite the show it started as, still provides a great history lesson, and beautiful scenery. It's also awards season, and the Golden Globes kicked off the season. Tina and Amy really rock, but if they decided to ask Robert Downey Jr to host, I would definitely tune in. As someone on twitter commented, he must have a mirror in the attic cause dude is not aging badly. It must be nearly time for Survivor and The Amazing Race to get started. 

Not the same view in winter: I was fogged in crossing the bridge
Other News:
More basketball this week-end, but it was a great little one night get-away. Jack's team was playing two and a half hours away, across the Confederation Bridge, so close, but far enough to spend the night. I headed out after last class and listened to my audiobook by myself in the car. Blissful.  Friday night, the boys played a great game that came down to the last few seconds, which clinched first place in their division. The second game was much easier. This set up a semi-final Saturday morning that they were also able to breeze through. The hope was for a rematch with a team that had beaten them before Christmas, (one of only 4 losses this year for the team). However, the other semi-final was a bit of an upset, so instead, they played the first team from this tournament in the final. It was a back and forth re-match game that went to over-time, but the Raiders took control, played perfectly, and outscored the other team 16-5 in overtime. Fourth tournament win of the season!

*don't judge!