Sunday, May 27, 2007

BOOK: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Last one for the Once Upon a Time Challenge, although I am hoping to read A Midsummer's Night Dream since I found an annoted edition in school to read.

Well, all I have to say after reading this book is Brilliant! Jolly Good! and other assorted terribly British phrases to describe a terribly wonderful book. The boys - Pratchett and Gaiman, must have had a blast writing this. And the reader comes along for the ride, all the way to Armageddon. The Nice and Accurate Prophesies of Agnes Nutter are the guideposts to witch finders, angels and demons (not by Dan Brown), the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the Antichrist. Some of the humorous devices include footnotes, the dramatus Personnae list, and a general irreverence for all things, and making fun of much British things.

I found this book on the of top 50_books compiled at livejournal, which has become my own personal reading list. I can see why people chose this book - just a terribly good adventure, written by terribly British funny guys, and I expect I'll read it again, as I read it quickly, and I know I missed a lot of jokes. There are a lot of details, but I wanted to finish it so quickly I couldn't stop myself. Some day, I'll pick this up again. For now, it gets passed to my husband's side table.


  1. Yeah!! I'm so glad this is good. I've read 2 Gaiman's in the last 2 months so I will probably hold out for a bit before I read this. But it's definitely on my list of books to read soon!!

    Nice review!

  2. I love this book more than I can say. I think I'll have to revisit it in the near future.

    I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  3. This was the first Gaiman I read and it's been about 7 years since I've read it. I HAVE to read it again. I remember loving it. It's back on the TBR piles again now! So glad you enjoyed it!


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