Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, where are you?

I've seen this idea over at librarything, and I enjoy reading it. I thought I might try to make it a Tuesday habit. So, I am wondering, where are you now?

I'll start. I'm suffering teenage angst and poor body image issues on the Earth with my butt and other large round things.

Where have you been today? Or where are you going?


  1. I bet my butt is bigger than yours. LOL.

    Where am I? Waiting for reality TV to start, and listening to both boys who are in the shower together make A LOT of noise (and they're not supposed to be in the tub together)...

  2. I tried getting 5 5-year olds to co-operate and make cookies. I think I may have had an out of body experience at some point. Calgon take me away!

  3. jill - both in the shower? that's too cute. (I actually meant reading wise, but that's ok!)

    chris - that sounds insane! I hope you rewarded yourself after that experience.

  4. I'm in Vienna with a knight, a whore, and a prisoner getting ready to board a ship going to the Holy Lands as part of the 4th Crusade. (Crossed by Nicole Galland)

    What a fun idea - this Tuesday, where are you?

  5. I had a feeling that I wrote Vienna in that earlier comment. Sure enough. I meant Venice, which is closer to water, so you can get on a ship.

    Oh, and add an Arab princess to the group.

  6. It's not Tuesday anymore, but (reading wise) I'm in Darfur translating for journalists to get the word out about the tragedy in my country at great risk to my own life and (gosh, am I busy!) I'm also a teenage mother in a crappy apartment with nobody to help me out trying to raise my kids, go to school, and get a job that will lift us out of poverty (or at least keep us off the street).

    Neat question!

  7. booklogged - I always mixed up Venice and Vienna, until I visisted Venice. So, you need to go to Venice to get that strightened out. Sounds like a great book.

    megan - thanks for stopping by and playing, you are multi-talented!


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