Sunday, February 3, 2008

BOOK: Booked to Die by John Dunning

Booked to Die by John Dunning

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Great mystery, starring Cliff Janeway, ex-cop and now book dealer, set in Denver. It took me a while to get into the book, because the first half of the book was necessary to set up the series - Janeway changing from cop to book store owner. Once the second act started, the mystery moved along solidly as Janeway looks to solve the murder of a bookscout, and learns the ropes of owning a store. It had the feel of a thirties hard-boiled mystery, where many things were happening and people's motives were just out of my understanding. I still enjoy these types of books, but I just ride the wave until the end and hope I'm not too confused. I'll look for more of these, since his romantic future seems up in the air, and he seems like a man looking for love, as well as his next big book find.

I'm sure I said I wasn't going to start anymore series, and here I am, with two started in the last two weeks - Thursday Next, and Cliff Janeway. New rule: I must finish at least one series before I read another of these books, or any more new series. I have the last Lily Bard book from the library, and I bought the lastest Shopaholic book last month.

This book was recommended by Bonnie for the Something About Me challenge. I'm still trying to read books from that list.

also reviewed by kristi


  1. I did really well the year before last at sticking mostly with series that I'd already started, but not so much last year and definitely not this year (1st in a Series Challenge and all). Good luck with your goal! It is probably more doable than not starting any new series. :-)

  2. I remember this one being a bit slow going at first, too. None of the books are especially suspenseful, but I have sure enjoyed them. If I remember correctly book 3 was my favorite.

  3. I've read the first two in this series and enjoyed them quite a bit. I went to college near Denver and grew up in Colorado, so I really liked the setting as well.

  4. wendy - baby steps, I specifically did not sign up for hte 1st in a series, but I may as well have. I have Sacred Cows on reserve in the library too.

    booklogged - yes, not especially suspenseful, but a good read. It really reminds me of Raymond Chandler. I'll keep reading.

    3m - That would make it very interesting, being from the area. It's like the Anne books for me. I used it for my Colorado book for Booking Around the States.


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