Thursday, February 28, 2008


Who is your favorite female lead character? And why? (And yes, of course, you can name more than one . . . I always have trouble narrowing down these things to one name, why should I force you to?)

First reaction: the ABC's of heroines

Anne of Green Gables: she makes the best of her bad situations, has tremendous imagination, and stays true to herself and her friends.

Bridget Jones: also makes the best of bad situations; willing to try anything; still growing and learning from her mistakes; even though she's attracted to the bad boy, she choses the stable good guy

Claire Randall: up for an adventure, brave, adaptable, Jamie loves her

Then, I knew there were more, a second tier, of worthy but not as obvious choices:

Pope Joan: wanted to learn so disguised herself as a boy, and then due to her character and strength and intelligence, rose to be Pope

Tuppence of Tommy and Tuppence: she's an equal partner with Tommy, and uses her brain and brawn to solve the crime,

Lyra from His Dark Materials: uses her brain and trusts her instincts to take her on the right path

Then the names I saw after blog browsing that I had forgotten:

Jane Eyre, for all the reasons everybody else put down

Hermione Granger: she's an equal part of Harry's gang, and uses her brain and logic to solve their problems, she believes in herself

hmmm, wonder what next week's question will be? My hero?


  1. Anne's a great one, how could I have forgotten her? Great list!

  2. Pope Joan was one of my heroines when I was young - I read the Lawrence Durrell book but I think I've seen that there's a new one?

    I've only read one Tommy and Tuppence book, but I thought she was a great character.

  3. nyssaneala - you had some good ones too. I always think of Anne. I was trying to remember reading Anne for the first time, but I can't. I've just always read her. I must have started as a teenager.

    geraniumcat - I read the fictional Pope Joan that came out in the past few years. It was very good, I love learning my history in those types of books.
    Tuppence is really great, she doesn't take a backseat to anyone. And Tommy doesn't try to make her either, which is why he is great too.

  4. LOL! You had waaaay too much fun with that one. Great answers. I'm not familiar with Tommy and Tuppence, so I'll look them up. And, no, I still haven't read Anne of Green Gables, although I've got a copy by the bed. Soon, soon.

  5. Oh, how I loved Pope Joan! What a great story, huh?

    Seems like you and I are on similar reading wavelengths...Hermione...Lyra...

    No wonder I love ya! :-)

  6. bookfool - go read Anne! and I did have fun. Tommy and Tuppence are Agatha Christie characters, the lesser known ones.

    trish - we were on the same wavelength, but I copied Hermione from you! Er, rather,you reminded me how much I liked Hermione. I haven't read Anita Blake yet. And I really liked Pope Joan.

    chris - I really do like Anne, it's not just because I'm from PEI.

  7. Hello fellow Anne fan! ;-)

    I didn't know who Claire Randall was so I've now added Outlander to my list... Thanks!

  8. Bridget Jones is definitely one of my heroines as well! I loved Anne when I was younger--I remember wanting red hair so badly. :) Great list!

  9. joanna - The Outlander is a wonderful series, adventure, history and love story all rolled into one. Enjoy!

    trish - I like Bridge because she is so real, struggling ot imporve herself, and willing to make mistakes. Plus, she gets Mr Darcy in the end

  10. I nearly listed Hermione, but decided to stop at five. I did list Jane Eyre as well who seems to be a very popular choice.

    I need to read Pope Joan. I had hoped to do so last year, but didn't get around to it.

  11. wendy - I didn't have as much restraint as you! Jane was very popular, and you should try Pope Joan. Happy day!


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