Friday, March 28, 2008

BOOK: Miss Julia Takes Over by Ann B Ross

Miss Julia Takes Over by Ann B Ross

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Miss Maggie and her Southern Reading Challenge introduced me to the delightful Miss Julia series last summer. This second book feels like it has hit its stride a bit more, and I enjoyed it more than the first one. Little Lloyd and his mother, Hazel Marie are living with Miss Julia and Lilian, but when Hazel Marie doesn't come home one night, Miss Julia decides she must find her. Foul play is suspected and Miss Julia, with her proper manners, and her ability to decide when disobeying the law is allowed heads off with a private detective to find Little Lloyd's momma. You'll have to read Miss Julia's adventures to see how she ends up driving around a NASCAR track in North Carolina, but I like her spunk and her increased confidence and her growth in this book. I'm more interested now in picking up the next book, Miss Julia Throws a Wedding, to see who gets married, because there was quite a bit of romance happening, and there are several possibilities.

This series challenge has been good, reminding me of books that I'd like to keep reading. I discovered several new authors and characters last year and this is keeping me going with them. After I made a whole list of books in series, it made it easy to pick out another book at the library. I tend to read series books from the library. Only another 5 or 6 in this series to go.


  1. I keep meaning to read this series. I'll have to try to get to it soon. I really enjoy southern characters.

  2. nicola - if you enjoy southern characters, you should like this one. She a southern lady indeed.

  3. Any word if Maggie is going to do the Southern Reading Challenge again. I could add this one and the Sarah Booth Delaney series I've recently discovered.

  4. Not reading your review, though I'm sure it's fab, because this is on my to read very soon list, as soon as I can find a copy. But just wanted to say that Miss Julia rocks!!! :)


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