Thursday, March 13, 2008

CHALLENGE: Orbis Terrarum Challenge

The Orbis Terrarum Challenge is being hosted by B&b exlibris who say:

Here is the deali-o!

- The Orbis Terrarum Challenge begins April 1 2008 (you are welcome to join later) Through December 20th 2008.
- For the challenge each reader is to choose 9 books (for the 9 months).
-Each book must be by an author from a different nation in our world.
- You can change your list of books at any time, just as long as you have read nine in the end.

The bottom line: choose 9 different books, written by 9 different authors, from 9 different countries

I'll make a bit of a list to begin, reserving the right to change at any whim!

  1. The Plague - Albert Camus (Algeria)
  2. A Case of Exploding Mangoes - Mohammad Hanif (Pakistan)
  3. Literary Murder: A Critical Case - Batya Gur (Israel)
  4. This Blinding Absense of Light - Ben Jelloun, Tahar (Morocco)
  5. In the Country of Men - Hisham Matar (Libya)
  6. The Cruel Stars of the Night - Kjell Eriksson (Sweden)
  7. A Fraction of the Whole - Steve Toltz (Australia)
  8. Shadow Family - Miyuki Miyabe (Japan)
  9. The Snack Thief - Andrea Camilleri (Italy)
  10. Mister Pip - Lloyd Jones (New Zealand)
  11. Things Fall Apart - Chiua Achebe (Nigeria)
  12. Out Stealing Horses - Per Petterson (Norway)


  1. looks like a good list. I haven't read any of them, but I will be excited to see how you review them and if I need them on my list!!!


  2. I am really thinking about joining this challenge. RATS! And here I was, thinking that I had joined enough! Just when I think I've gotten away.......I'll let you know if I join and what my books are. You're probably laughing too. You have some very interesting choices too!

  3. bethany - thanks, they are books I was hoping to read. I'm trying a few mysteries form around the world, since I like mysteries, but this allows me to try different countries.

    susan - I thought I had joined enough in January, and now a bunch of fun ones from last year - Once Upon a Time and the Nonfiction 5 are tempting me. I am laughing, and I bet I'll see your choices soon.

    Here's my choices....joined at last! thanks! and now for the fairy tale challenge...and this will be the last one...oops, just saw the non-fiction challenge....yikes, who knew the readers could come up with so many challenges???? right, that will be the last one....I can only read so many books a year!! By the way, you have a real neat list of books to read for the Orbis challenge.


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