Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BLOGGING EVENT: Midweek Morsels

Kristina at Kristina's Favorites hosts this weekly meme about what we've been cooking. I was invited to a barbeque this week and brought a salad. It was hardly noticed amongst the perfectly cooked t-bone steaks, and boiled new potatoes, but there my salad was, considered yummy even by all the carnivores.

I found this recipe at a Veggie Venture, which I suggest you add to your google reader. Did you know that there are at least as many recipe blogs out there are book blogs? I love having a new recipe land in the ole Reader. It cuts down a bit on the TBR pile, but it adds a whole other list of things to try.

Citrus Veggie Salad
1 apple, skin on
1 cup cantaloupe
1/2 an English cucumber, skin on
2 green bell peppers

1 orange
Zest and juice of a lime
Fresh basil, cut into ribbons
Cinnamon to taste
Salt & pepper to taste

Cut the apple, cantaloupe, cucumber and peppers into a small neat dice.

Zest the orange, then slice off the skin, cut the flesh into a small neat dice. Stir the orange zest, orange flesh and remaining ingredients into the fruit and vegetable mixture. Transfer to a serving bowl, garnish with a sprinkle of additional cinnamon and a piece of fresh basil.

note: I made the salad two days ahead of the party, and the apples were fine. I put the apples in the bowl last, and then squeezed the lime juice all over them. It worked great. Fresh basil from the garden and the cinnamon really was all that was needed. How healthy is that?

(I copied the picture and the recipe from A Veggie Venture site, because I forgot to take my own picture. I hope I haven't violated any copyright protocol.)


  1. Thanks! I did add it to my Reader. I'm always looking for veggie recipes!


  2. Mmmm, that looks like it would be delicious!!

  3. That looks delicious, and I always love things that I can make ahead when I have a little more time.

  4. lezlie - there are some great recipe sites. Then I star them, or tag them. I have a whole recipe book on my google reader now.

    court - the orange and lime juice are so citrusy, and yummy

    caryn - I was pleased with how it held up after a few days.

  5. Thanks for posting this, it does sound good!

  6. I love A Veggie Venture - and so many other recipe blogs! So much fun to browse!!

  7. That looks so good! I'm sure it was a big hit! Thanks for posting!!

  8. RaiderGirl ~ First of all your beach avatar has me hungering for PEI beaches, I visit every so often, what a perfect spot to call home.

    So glad you liked the salad, it's a winner and I love that it's being passed around the world.

    re photos, yes, you violated copyrights by copying the photo without permission. Some bloggers will get way bent out of shape over this -- food bloggers have a real problem with plagiarism and the ones that have the biggest problem have reason to get testy. BUT here's how to fix it, just ask for permission beforehand. In my case, permission granted!

    All the best,


  9. alanna - thanks for stopping by. This hasn't been the best beach summer yet on PEI, so you haven't missed much.
    Sorry about the photo, and thanks for permission. Now I know what to do next time.

    The salad was really wonderful and I plan to take it to another family get together.


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