Monday, July 6, 2009

GAME: Bookword Game

I'm a little late getting the results up, but this was a hotly contested battle. We needed a run-off vote, which practically ended in a tie as well, so I am calling this one: a nonfiction book that reads like fiction shall henceforth be known as TrueFiction, suggested by Suzanne. Thanks for the suggestion, Suzanne!

With the summer upon us, and life slowing down to a easier pace, the Bookword Game is also going to go on summer vacation. Stay tuned for September when Suey and I will revive our little game of coming up with words for some Bookword situations. If you think of something that needs a word, let either Suey or me know, and we'll add it to the game rotation.

Here's the list of Bookwords we all came up with this year:

RecommenDUD: A book you hate that everyone else loves.

CheckBook: A book that you find yourself checking to see how many more pages left, on every single page!

Memoread: A book that reminds you of another book you have already read, not necessarily in plot, but in tone and atmosphere.

A book that continually gets moved to the 'next in the pile', but never gets read.

Marginally Challenged:
a book with very little space between lines (likely, it's a public domain book/classic) giving deceivingly few pages to read

A book that you LOVE, but everyone else (well, almost everyone) HATES.

A Flick Pick: A book you read after you've seen the movie

Oblibook: A book you read because you think you should in order to be well-read.

Whoopsabooksy: A book you buy that you forgot you already read/own.

TrueFiction: a nonfiction book that reads like fiction

Awesome, everyone! Thanks to Suey, my partner in words, and see you in September!


  1. Just found your blog. These bookwords are great! I especially like oblibook & marginally challenged. :)


  2. There's been some good words coined here. I especially like recomenDud, oblibook and whoopsabooksy, although they are all so clever.

    I had a whoopsybooksy moment recently - ended up with 2 copies of Relentless by Dean Koontz.

  3. tiina - welcome, we'll play the game again in the fall.

    booklogged - there have been great words, haven't there? Too bad on your whoopsybooksy, at least it was a good book?

  4. I have totally fallen in love with this game. Can't wait for it to come back in the autumn! Props to y'all for coming up with good ideas for book words we need. :)

  5. Ah, what a bunch of great words we've discovered! :) Thanks everyone for playing along and we'll see you all in the fall!

  6. Thank you Raidergirl3 and Suey! We all know how valuable and precious our reading time is, and you two spend some of that time putting together this game for us. Thanks for providing the fun! :)

  7. These are fantastic! I wish I would have seen this when you were doing it - I love stuff like this!

    I have had an oblibokk (Jane Eyre) and a whoopsibook (Water for Elephants) recently.

    VERY VERY cool!

  8. Wonderful list list of phrases. I'll be using Oblibook and Marginally Challenged!

  9. I love this bookword! Especially, the Misunderbook. I had my favorite book, The Host, hated by many.


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