Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CHALLENGE: Book Awards III Update

I finished my third Book Awards Challenge this month. The challenge was to read 5 books that had won 5 different awards. Here are the books I read to complete the challenge:
Favorite book of the challenge:
The Lizard Cage and Clara Callen were my favorite, the kind I told everyone I met who reads that they should read. Both written by Canadians btw.

Least favorite book of the challenge:
A Death in the Family really didn't resonate with me. Lots of people love it, but it was blah for me.

New authors discovered in this challenge:
All were new to me in this challenge. I liked all (except the Agee) and would read others by these new authors.

What I learned:
That even though Michelle makes it harder each time, I still manage to finish. And I have every hope of completing the next version, set to begin in February, 2010. The list of books I meant to read, and never got to includes:

Newbery Award -The Wheel on the School
IMPAC Dublin - Man Gone Down
Orange Prize - Small Islands
Booker Prize - How Late it Was, How Late; The True History of the Kelly Gang; Vernon God Little
Giller Prize - The Time In Between; Barney's Version
Pulitzer - Foreign Affair; The Bridge of San Luis Rey

Thanks for hosting again Michelle, see you next year!


  1. Well done you! I'm terrible at challenges - I forget all about them halfway through; viz., this post has reminded me I have to finish a Robin McKinley book by the end of the month. Eeek.

  2. Congratulations on finishing this one! I am discovering that I seem to enjoy Canadian authors more than average - I'm going to investigate the Giller prize more closly in future.

  3. I'm looking forward to next year's - didn't have time to do #3.

    I read Clara Callen years ago and liked it, but hadn't heard of the Lizard Cage. I'll have to look into it for next year's challenge!

    Good luck with the Kelly Gang - I read the first page and knew I wouldn't get through it. But I think you'll do better than I did, you usually do! I chose his Theft: a love story instead, which was interesting.

  4. jenny - thanks, I like the list making, so I'm forever looking at my lists and finding the best way to combine books I want to read with the challenges I've signed up to do

    jackie - well, we Canadians are little more than average anyway! We do have some fab writers. Favorite Gillers include - A Good House, A Fine Balance, Mercy Among the Children.

    tiny ll - It's funny that Theft does not appeal to me the way the Kelly gang does. I hope I like it!
    Lizard Cage is amazing - very harrowing, and difficult, but very powerful.

  5. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. I have The Slap and A Death in the Family on my TBR list.


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