Thursday, November 12, 2009

GAME: Bookword Game

What should we call a book that has such a distinctive smell that we find it distracting?
We had a few suggestions this week over at Sueys:

nose tingler by Serena
smelly story by raidergirl3
aroma tome by bybee
odor reader by arcona

There weren't a lot of suggestions this week; maybe people aren't reading smelly books these days. I have some old Little House and Bobbsey Twins books that spend a long time in the basement in boxes that have a musty smell, but I don't mind it, there are too many good memories associated with those books.

Robert's Rules of Order: call for the vote. (I got a little off topic there)

Come by my blog to vote for a book that has such a distinctive smell we find it distracting. Voting will stay open for a week, then I'll post results and offer up a new word next Wednesday.

Edit: Look at what scientists are investigating now in books and with smell.


  1. I love a book with a really good bookish smell! I just couldn't think of a word for it...

  2. I know we are voting now, but I just thought about how I back away from a book with an odor. (I'm not even big on the smell of a new book.) Anyway, Back-Away Book is probably the most accurate for me.


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