Sunday, November 15, 2009

CHALLENGE: A - Zed Author

From this year, I've been keeping track of authors and books and I've got a chance to finish the authors. I never officially signed up, so I'll consider it my own personal challenge. Here's the list:

A: Allende, Isabel - Daughters of Fortune
B: Brazell, Josh - Beat the Reaper
C: Camilleri, Andrea - Excursion to Tindari
D: Duprau, Jeanne - City of Ember
E: Ephron, Nora - I Feel Bad About My Neck
F: Ferris, Josh - Then We Came to the End
G: Gladwell, Malcolm - The Tipping Point
H: Hage, Rawi - DeNiro's Game
I: Itani, Frances - Remember the Bones
J: James, PD - Children of Men
K: Kluger, Steve - Last Days of Summer
L: Lively, Penelope - Moon Tiger
M: MacLeod, Alistair - No Great Mischief
N: Northcutt, Wendy - Darwin Awards
O: Ogawa, Yoki - The Housekeeper and the Professor
P: Picoult, Jodi - Nineteen Minutes
Q: Quartey, Kwei - Wife of the Gods
R: Richards, David Adams - Mercy Among the Children
S: Swan, Leonie - Three Bags Full
T: Tremain, Rose - The Road Home
U: Undset, Sidgrid - The Bridal Wreath
V: Vreeland, Susan - Girl in Hyacinth Blue
W: Westerfield, Scott - Specials
X: Xinran - Sky Burial
Y: Yoshimoto, Banana - Kitchen
Z: Zink, Michelle - The Prophesy of the Sisters

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  1. City of Ember was soooo good! Three Bags Full and Prophecy of the Sisters are on my TBR list. I haven't made it to Specials yet but hope to soon.


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