Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, Where Are You?

There is a poll up at suey's for voting on the latest Bookword Game. Head on over and make a decision. There'll be another word looking for suggestions later this week at Sueys.

When I'm not chasing that Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins, I'm in Glen St Mary's and the surrounding area, living amongst the neighbours of Anne Shirley Blythe and her family. Prince Edward Island is a wonderful place to visit, and live! (The Blythes are Quoted, LM Montgomery)

Where is reading taking you? Leave a comment, write a post, spread the word.


  1. I'm playing today here.

    I kind of wish I were with Anne.

  2. I'm in Charleston!!


  3. I'm in Indiana, but destined for Washington DC. I'm here.

  4. I'm all over the place - with some very strange characters: http://booksandmovies.colvilleblogger.com/2010/01/12/teaser-tuesdays-its-tuesday-where-are-you-january-12-2009/

  5. I love the woman in white

    I'm here:

  6. I am here in Melbourne, but it is a very different Melbourne to the one I live in...I think! (Shadowfae by Erica Hayes)

  7. I'm in the future England after Something Happened. Everyone's social and economic status is determined by what colour you see. And there are not enough spoons to go around. (Shades of Grey- Jasper Fforde)


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