Friday, January 29, 2010

BOOK: I am Morgan Le Fay by Nancy Springer

I am Morgan Le Fay by Nancy Springer,227 pages
a tale from Camelot

Young Adult Challenge; New Author Challenge

I knew very little about the legend of Camelot - I recognize some names and I've seen Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail. From what I gather, this book looks at the beginning of King Arthur and the story of his half-sister Morgan. I was by times enchanted and by times bored, as fantasy is not my usual reading and I don't always 'get' it all. However, it was readable (and short) and I can see the appeal of Camelot.

Much of the book takes place at Avalon, before Arthur is crowned, and I like the power that the women had there, and it made me more interested in reading the classic book The Mists of Avalon. Springer has written several other books about the Camelot era. I am also very interested in reading Springer's other series, Enola Holmes, sister of Sherlock Holmes.


  1. I'm not the hugest fan of Arthurian stories - I mean I used to have this book of Arthur stories when I was small, which I loved, but I haven't found that many retellings of Arthur stories that have wowed me. Philip Reeve apparently has one that is all complex and amazing.

  2. I have read short stories by Springer, but never a novel. I want to at some point, though.

  3. Like Jenny, I'm not a huge fan of Arthurian stories, but I absolutely loved Mists of Avalon. It's one of my all time favorite books. I hope you will enjoy it if you decide to read it.

    Morgan Le Fay is probably my favorite characters and so the title of this one caught my attention immediately.

  4. I enjoyed this and ope to read I am Mordred at some point too. I definitely recommend Mists os Avalon.

  5. jenny - that's it, Arthur stories just don't wow me. Turns out I'm not into the mythology and folklore stories very much at all.

    kailana- I'm looking forward to her Holmes books.

    wendy - I gather Morgan is an evil character, and this book gives a story behind how she ended up that way. I'll eventually read Mists of Avalon, and see where Morgan comes in.

    rhinoa - I'd read Mists of Avalon for my next Arthur book.


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