Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BOOK: Snow Angels by James Thompson

Snow Angels by James Thompson, 264 pages

Early Reviewer book (first one I've won in almost 1.5 years!)

North of the Arctic Circle in Lapland, we meet Inspector Vaara who has been assigned a murder case - a local Somalian actress has been brutally stabbed and left in a snow bank. Life is pretty depressing in Finland during kaamos, the annual dark time, with all the drinking and suicides, but this murder rocks even the toughest cop. Is it a hate crime?

I love reading mysteries set in other countries - people are really all the same everywhere, murdering each other for greed, money, and hate, but I get to see another part of the world at the same time. This detective is at a good place in his life after an early divorce- his new American wife is pregnant, but is beginning to have some culture shock issues. His family is still all around and as he investigates further, we learn more about his past, and the drowning of his sister. Lots of angst and pain.

I thought this was a great mystery series beginning, and I'd read another one. I enjoyed getting to know Inspector Vaara as he explained Finland.


  1. I think that this book sounds like a good read. And like you, I enjoy when mysteries are set in other countries...just another aspect that makes the book even more enjoyable for me :)

  2. I, too, look forward to the second in the series.


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