Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GAME: The Bookword Game (sticky post)

Last week, we asked:

What should we call a book that makes you interested enough in its topic that you are inspired to go and do some more research on it?

And after many suggestions, and a poll, the Bybee suggested Firestarter book was the winner. Yah Bybee! Some books do just start a fire under you and send you off to the library for more information.

The next bookword we are looking for is: What do we call a book that you remember everything about the plot, but not the title?

Don't you hate when that happens? Any suggestions? The comments will take suggestions for the next week. Then look at Suey's for the poll.


  1. For me that's pretty much normal! lol

  2. Um, I'd say the once again, terribly original Title Block.

  3. Oo I do hate it when that happens. I immediately thought "Tome of the Unknown Title" - sorry everyone for the terrible pun!

  4. I'm posting here to say that your Intense Debate comments, won't let me comment that I'm playing Where Are You today -- Sob.

    Here's the comment I would have left: Oh I've always wanted to read the Maisy Dobbs books! I'm playing this week here.

    I'll check back later to see if I can comment.

  5. Beth - some days Intense Debate comments work for me, some days they won't. I wonder if it is scheduled posts when they don't work. You should be able to leave some sort of comment now, I think. Gah.


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