Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MEME: It's Tuesday, Where are You?

Bookword update: taking suggestions in the comments at Sueys.

Detectives Around the World: check out the schedule of posts for the week, and don't forget to vote for your favorite detective. I was sure it would be Holmes vs Poirot, but the newer fellas beat the old guys, if Phillip Marlowe can be considered a new fella.

Are the readathon readers recovered yet? I didn't officially join, but I did a bunch of reading on the weekend anyway. By not joining, I saved myself the posting time, but it always looks like everyone is having so much fun. Maybe another time...

In reading:
I am in Ethiopia, in the Missing Hospital, with Dr Stone. (Cutting for Stone, Abraham Verghese)

Where is reading taking you today? Leave a comment, write a post, spread the word.


  1. I'm in Yorkshire, England during the 15th century in The Founding. Great book, but she's a chunkster. I should probably dedicate myself to marching through at least 200 pages, today.

  2. Oh, I luv mysteries, so I just might have to vote in that poll...

    In my reading adventures, I'm out at sea...you can see my post, here.

    Happy Reading, everybody.

  3. I've heard so many great things about Cutting for Stone! I should get it off my list and into my hands soon!

    My post is at The Introverted Reader.

  4. I've just left Regency England (False Colours by Georgette Heyer) and am about to enter Chicago, with side visits to the Never-Never and who-knows-where-else (the latest Harry Dresden novel, Changes, by Jim Butcher).

  5. +JMJ+

    This is an interesting meme! =)

    I'm in Denver and Leadville, Colorado of 1880, thanks to Leigh Greenwood's Violet, but I don't have a post on that yet.

  6. Like a couple others above, I too am in England this week, 1970s. Reading a Joe Strummer (Clash) biography.

  7. I'm in India during the first Opium War.

    Sea of Poppies -Amitav Ghosh


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