Wednesday, December 28, 2011

BOOK: Falling Angels by Tracy Chevalier

Falling Angels by Tracy Chevalier, 402 pages

What a great book to read over the holidays! I flew through this in one day, which shouldn't surprise me, as I have enjoyed all of Tracy Chevalier's books. Girl With the Pearl Earring, The Lady and the Unicorn, and Virgin Blue all were great historical reads, and all very different. I'm a little disappointed that I only have two more of her books to read - Burning Bright and Remarkable Creatures.

Falling Angels was set during the Edwardian period, and chronicles the ten year events of two families, middle-class, dealing with the rapidly changing times. The idea of mourning - the book begins with Victoria's death,  is throughout, and not even just because much of the action takes place in a cemetery. By the time the book ends, mourning periods are not taken quite so seriously. The other aspect of the story was the suffragette movement. One of the mothers was not happy, very stifled, and very lost. She finds her purpose when she gets involved with the suffragettes.

Falling Angels was an easy, engaging novel that transported me to another time and place, and one I like to visit - England. Watching the two girls age from five to fifteen, and seeing the changes that occurred as they grew up was a nice history lesson.


  1. I didn't care for Girl With the Pearl Earring but I do think I need to give Chevalier another chance. This one sounds good.

  2. I just read Girl with a Pearl Earring and absolutely loved it, so want to read more by Chevalier. All her other books sound so good!

  3. Falling Angels is my favorite Chevalier! It was also my first book by her, but I knew so little about the British suffrage movement, I was fascinated by the topic.

  4. booklogged - I think this one reads easier, plus it's a time period and London, which seem more familiar.

    joanna - Girl With a Pearl Earring was a fabulous book - such a great concept. I still haven't seen the movie with my boyfriend Colin Firth. My favorite book is probably The Lady and the Unicorn. I really like her writing style.

    carrie - My sum knowledge of the British suffrage movement comes from Mary Poppins, the movie. This was a really good read! I couldn't believe how fast I read it.


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