Friday, December 16, 2011

BOOK: An Irish Country Village by Patrick Taylor

An Irish Country Village by Patrick Taylor, 420 pages

Irish Reading Challenge; 2nds Challenge

I meant to read An Irish Country Christmas this month, but I like to read my series in order and this had to be read first. I read the first in the series, An Irish Country Doctor back in March, and was completely charmed. The second book was actually a little better, as the characters were already met and established. The book picks up just days after the last book, and only continues for the next few weeks, as Dr Barry Laverty is still getting established in Ballybucklebo.

Not much really happens, but it was an easy, light read, perfect for picking up during this busy season, or when standing in line at a checkout. I've actually discovered I don't mind waiting at checkouts if I have a book with me, because I'm not there, noticing the time, or the bad service. I'm where ever my book is taking me - the tiny village of Ballybucklebo in Northern Ireland, circa 1964. I even turned down the opportunity to move up in a line when I only had one item, because I knew I'd enjoy the time in the book.

This book reminds me of some other book, or television show, which I can't seem to remember. It get compared to James Herriot's vet series. It's funny, predictable, charming, and a wonderful way to spend a week reading. I may get to that next book sooner rather than later.