Wednesday, October 10, 2007

AUTHOR: Bernice Morgan

I did something tonight I've never done before: I went to an author reading. It was pretty cool. I read in the paper this morning that Bernice Morgan would be reading from her book Cloud of Bone, which I loved this summer. I called my friend, who's from Newfoundland, and got the book back that I had lent her to read so I could take it tonight. It seemed like something I should do - to take the book with me.

The reading was at the Art Gallery at Confederation Center, a beautiful venue, and was sponsored by the English Department at UPEI. It was not a crowd I usually hobnob with - the literati and artsy folk of PEI were out tonight.
Bernice Morgan read from each of the three sections of the book, and put some history on the World War 2 section, as it was in memory of her uncles from Newfoundland who served in the Navy. She wanted their stories to be told - but said her remaining uncle made her promise to say that none of them ever deserted. She knew she was planning to write a war book, and then one day noticed from her writing office that the plaque in memory of Shawnadidthit had disappeared, and she was horrified. She found a way to write both these stories together.

She did a wonderful job reading, and I waited in line to get my book signed. I don't think many people attending had read the book as a lot were sold there tonight, so I wanted to let her know I had, and that I really enjoyed it. I didn't think to bring my Random Passage and Waiting for Time books to get signed, but other people did.

Apparently it is a whole author series, and they have regular readings. Who knew? Other authors to to appear include: Barbara Gowdy, Elizabeth Hay, Lawrence Hill , and a bunch of other authors I've never heard of. These other events will be at UPEI, which seems more exclusive, not as public. I'm sure anyone is welcome, but it doesn't feel as open.


  1. What a great opportunity, Elizabeth! I am so glad you got to go and that you enjoyed the reading. It sounded like it was fun. I love meeting authors (even though I'm usually so tongue tied and in awe of their greatness--which is silly because they are just regular people like me. Well, some are.)

  2. What a coincidence? Did you see today's Booking Through Thursday?

    It's like you wrote yours in advance! Sounds like a fun evening.

  3. That sounds great. I haven't met many writers. I have met a few musicians I admire though and I'm always nervous that if I don't like them it'll sour me on their music. Fortunately that has happened yet.

  4. wendy - It was really nice, and so was she. I guess it is the first author I've met; it was the first book signing I've gone to.

    laura - that is quite a coincidence. I didn't do a proper post; I just linked to my post.

    john - what musicians have you met? I don't meet anyone. It was a big deal to me to see Bryan Adams and The Hip this year in concert. I haven't been to many concerts either.

  5. That made a very good read! Glad you enjoyed meeting her.

  6. Wish I could have gone with you. We could have visited some afterward over a bowl of fish chowder just around the corner. Then for desert to the Cow place there on the corner. You can see the memories of Charlottetown are seared in my memory.

    I still need to read Random Passage and watch the movie. I would have been one who bought Cloud of Bone. I have it on my list for themed reading, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm so glad you went to the reading and so jealous that I couldn't make it that weekend!

  7. gautami - glad you enjoyed it

    booklogged - it would have been fun to go to that with you too. Did you get a Cow's ice cream when you were here? it's pricey, but good, and since it is so expensive, they must have taken all the clalories out of it.

  8. After the play, we had ice cream cones from Cow's. And then we set on a bench in the dark and just soaked up the atmosphere of Charlottetown. We discussed the musical and how we both still had a lump in our throats after Marilla's song.


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