Friday, October 26, 2007

BOOK: Rises the Night by Colleen Gleason

Rises the Night by Colleen Gleason
The Gardella Vampire Chronicles, book 2
The RIP II Challenge had an extra challenge - to read Colleen Gleason's vampire novels, The Rest Falls Away and Rises the Night. This has been a great new series for me as vampires are a new genre for me.
The second story picks up one year after Victoria Gardella Grantworth de Lacy fought her epic battle against Lilith. I don't want to give away anything from the first book, so I can't say too much. After the battle, Max has disappeared, and Lilith has taken all her vampires from England. Her son Nedas, is planning to take over the world, so Victoria and Aunt Eustacia head to Italy to head off this challenge. The dashing Sebastian Vioget is still lurking around, and while Victoria isn't sure if she can trust him, she is definitely drawn to him and they have several steamy interludes.
This book was a little sexier than the first one, but that's okay because Sebastian is an interesting character who I like reading about. This is a great series, and will be my reading candy for the next little while, as the third book is to be released after Christmas. I like the rules of dealing with vampires, and the Victorian setting, and the characters. Victoria is a smart, strong heroine who knows what she is doing. She doens't have to rely on the men to solve her problem, but she works with them to rid the world of vampires. I can't wait to read the next book, The Bleeding Dusk.
Kaliana over at The Written World, is having a contest to promote the Gardella Vapire Chronicles.
"The object is to write fan fiction, draw a picture, or take a photograph relating to Colleen's two in print novels and her forth-coming one."
I'm not sure how creative I am feeling, but I'd love to win the signed copy of the third book. I'll think about it as we have until November 15th to submit the entry.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how we are all reading this vampire series and loving it and most of us are not into vampires? Last week the ARC for book 3 arrived and surprised me nearly to death. I was so excited. And then I found out my name was in the Acknowledgments! Wow! My head is still dizzy.


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