Sunday, October 7, 2007

BOOK: Shakespeare's Champion by Charlaine Harris

Shakespeare's Champion by Charlaine Harris

I was introduced to this murder mystery series during the Southern Reading Challenge. It used to be I only read these types of books: serial murders, with snappy, damaged, detectives of some sort. I had been through most of my series or lost interest in others when I got started into these crazy internet book reading challenges. This little series has piqued my interest again and has me reading a book not on any challenge list. Crazy times.

Anyway. This was a great read. Lily Bard lives in Shakespeare, Arkansas and works as a cleaner, shut off from living due to a terrible violent incident in her past. Murders happen, even in small towns, for all the same reasons they do in big cities, Miss Marple taught us all that. Standard issue mystery, just the type of book I wanted to read. Lily does seem to get more injuries, in fights and other incidents, that make her every move painful. She seems to get hurt, a lot. Poor Lily.

Harris also has a vampire series that I will have to look into. I am enjoying her writing.


  1. Ah, reading a book that doesn't involve a challenge. You are wild, unrestricted, Crazy!

    Glad you found Harris, she is a great time-out read. :)

  2. I'm going to have to investigate this series. I also started a new mystery series because of the Southern Challenge - The Southern sisters.

  3. maggie - this was a good series I found through the Southern Challenge. That challenge gave me so many more books to read

    booklogged - I read Southern Sisters too, and they were good too, just a little fluffier. Lily Bard is a little darker.


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