Sunday, November 18, 2007

BOOKWORMS: The Short Story Carnival

The Carnival is ready for this month. What is the Carnival? you ask. I wondered that when I first heard about it. Someone (Armenian Odar) organizes a different theme of bookish topics (Short Stories). Different bloggers submit posts that relate to the theme. Some posts are written specifically for the Carnival, others submit previously written posts. Then the organizer puts them altogether in the Carnival.

Some past themes have included classics, and scary stories. Since I have been participating in Short Story Mondays, I finally felt brave enough to submit a post to this Carnival which is all about short stories. A couple of people even wrote their own original stories for this carnival! So head on over to The Armenian Odar and check out this months Bookworms Carnival. Lots of interesting posts and new blogs to discover.

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  1. Thanks, raidergirl, for putting the word out. I hope this wasn't such a scary experience and that you'll submit more posts in the future. ;-)


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