Saturday, November 3, 2007

CHALLENGE: Themed Reading Challenge

Wendy, over at caribousmom, while not busy keeping everyone organized at A Novel Challenge, is coming up with interesting challenges as well. She has designed the Themed Reading Challenge, and everyone gets to make up their own theme. I am going with a decidedly nonimaginative theme of books. This one last for the first half of the year, and asks for at least four books. I have a big list of books that fit this theme that I might read, including:

This seems more ambitious than it actually is. Most of these books are from the Something About Me challenge list; not surprising that so many readers picked books about books to describe themselves. And several of these books are on other challenges I've signed up for. I thought I had written this all up months ago, because I already ordered a few books form amazon, and in my mind, the month of January will be devoted to reading these. I'm really looking forward to these books, especially The Book Thief. I find I like to read a challenge all at once, focus on one challenge for a month or so.

Wrap up for challenge is here


  1. I like your list! My theme for this challenge is relatively easy: strong and quirky female heroines. Along the lines of Stephanie Plum, Thursday Next, and Kinsey Milhone.

  2. What a great theme, Raidergirl3. You have some good books to look forward to reading.


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