Thursday, November 1, 2007

UPDATE: October Books Read

It was looking slow at the beginning of the month, but with the wisdom extraction on the 25th, I was able to get to a very respectable 11 books. I can't believe the number of books I've read this year, and it just happened with a more concerted effort, an awareness of reading, and trying to read more places than just in bed at night. And these challenges have certainly focused goals. Next month I'll focus on completely a few challenges - Books to Movies, Something About me and the Seconds challenge. And I'm very distracted by the Canadian Book Challenge. Off I go to correct - I wish I could read, A Boy of Good Breeding is such a good book so far and I want to read more, but alas, school work calls. happy reading!
total books read: 11 books

RIP II reads: 4 and done!
Canadian Book Challenge: 2, 11 more to go
Books to Movie: 1, 2 more to go
something about me: 1 and pretty much done
Dystopian: 1 and done!

116. Veronika Decides to Die - Paulo Coelho
115. Fragile Things - Neil Gaiman
114. The Lost Salt Gift of Blood - Alistair MacLeod
113. The Inuk Mountie Adventure - Eric Wilson
112. Rises the Night - Colleen Gleason
111. The Road - Cormac McCarthy
110. Everything's Eventual - Stephen King
109. Farewell, My Lovely - Raymond Chandler
108. Shakespeare's Champion - Charlaine Harris
107. The Gum Thief - Douglas Coupland
106. The Tale of Despereaux - Kate DiCamillo


  1. I'm amazed at your reading this year, Elizabeth. I can't believe you have a job and read that much.

    I think my problem is just being on the computer too much when I should be reading. Well, I guess I do watch a few TV shows with my family, too. I'm trying to make it to 100 this year, but it doesn't look like I'll make it. Gonna try, though!

  2. Holy smokes, that's a lot of books for 1 month. You must read very fast. I need to take lessons.

  3. 3m - I watch my TV when I'm on the computer, so that kills two birds with one stone. You will make 100!

    booklogged - I do read very fast, always have. I do a scanning type of reading, so that's why Jane Austen books are so difficult for me - I can't read them fast at all because the language is so different.


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