Tuesday, July 1, 2008

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, where are you?

Canada Day Graphics

It's Canada Day! Have a great day and get ready to start the 2nd Canadian Reading challenge. Is reading taking you to Canada today?

I am getting ready to check out of the Hotel du Lac in Switzerland, and then I am planning a Canadian extravaganza for July, including: Water for Elephants, A Complicated Kindness, Crow Lake, The Stone Angel, Oryx and Crake, Before Green Gables, and The Birth House. Well, that's the plan for now, but you know how other books can get distracting.

Here's pictures from a few years ago at my parent's annual Canada Day party to get you into a celebratory mood:


  1. Oh my! Look at those maple leaves! I love that! We celebrate our Independence Day on Friday and looking forward to no work and family time.

    Saw Oryx and Crake on your Canadian celebration list. That would count for Orange July too - she was nominated for an Orange with that book (FYI).

    =) Jill

  2. I am in Victorian London, having just secretly returned from being transported to Australia years before. (Jack Maggs by Peter Carey)

  3. I am in Canada today. (The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence) See my blog for this event here:

  4. Love those Canada Day pics. Happy Canada Day!

    I just left Amsterdam for England with an amnesiac. (The Amnesiac) Things are getting weird.

  5. I am someone in England circa 1998 with Georgia of Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging. It is hilarious!

  6. I'm in Bosnia uncovering the secrets of an ancient book!

  7. From an American: Happy Canada Day! ;)

    I'm wandering around in the West Bank, visiting the Balata refugee camp and listening to Palestinians talk about their prison experiences. (Palestine by Joe Sacco)

  8. I'm in Zinnia, Mississippi. I'm in a bad situation for a southern gal I'm unwed, unemployed, and over 30. I'm out of money and about to lose the family plantation. On top of all that I'm being hounded (yes hounded is more accurate than haunted) by the ghost of my great great grandmother's nanny whose name is Jitty. Her brilliant idea to keep me from losing the house is for me to kidnap my friend's dog and collect a ransom. This can't possibly work out well.

    (Them Bones by Carolyn Haines - I just started it last night and it's pure fun so far.)

  9. I'm stiil in Atlanta flirting with Rhett Butler (Gone With the Wind)
    I left South Korea last night in the 17th Century, I think I'm off to modern London next but I'm not quite sure (The Red Queen)

  10. Hasppy Canada Day! We are off to take in the free concert in the park this aft/even shortly.

    My reading has me riding the high seas with Dr. Dolittle (Voyages of Dr. Dolittle by Hugh Lofting)

    I'm also in 1830s Boston where nurses and doctors are being mysteriously slaughtered. (The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen)

  11. It is 300 A.D. I have just moved to Japan with my family. To regain my family's social status I have gone on a spiritual quest for the queen. The next chapter of my life will take place in Arabia 570 A.D. I will have hopefully returned from my spiritual quest. (Shame of Man by Piers Anthony)

  12. jill - I've been putting Orxy& Crake on every reading list for the last year, so I am not really holding any hope for that one.
    Enjoy your long weekend!

    marg - I'd like totry a Peter Carey. I'll be looking for your review.

    bookinhand - that's one I hope to read this summer too. Enjoy your stay in Canada on our celebration! thanks for stopping by

    chris - My parents are away this year, so no party. Enjoy England, and Canada Day!

    alea - it sounds hilarious!

  13. wendy - I want to read that one! A student was reading it in June, and she finished it over a weekend, with rave reviews.

    bookloversdiary - I would think Palestine would make us appreciate Canada Day and Independence Day all the more. Enjoy your holiday too!

    suziq - that sounds good, like great summer read. I must remember that title.

    katrina - I've seen a few people reading The Red Queen. I must look for your review. Enjoy your trip to the south.

  14. nicola - Enjoy Canada Day! We are avoiding the waterfront this year, and having a family over. the sprinkler, the BBQ, and some 'adult' slush.

    confuzzled books - wow, that sounds like quite a trip.

  15. In real life, I'm finishing up the ALA Convention.

    My reading has taken me to Tibet so that I can look for my husband who has been reported dead by the People's Liberation Army. (Sky Burial by Xinran)

  16. Well today finds me starting out in present day Instanbul (The Aviary Gate) but in the last week I've spent time in England in the 1860s, time traveled to New York City in 2060 and then back to East Coast of the States between the late 1980s to the mid 2000s.

  17. terri b - Did you see Maggie? I'm kidding, I realize thousands of people are there.
    That's another new title.

    the printed page - I was in Istanbul 2 summers ago and loved it! I must look into that book.

  18. Happy Canada Day!!!

    I'm still in France with Sarte and de Beauvoir and the war has just started.


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    I'm on the Skaskatchewan-Alberta boarder in the early 1900's today (The Horseman's Grave's by Jacqueline Baker.

    BTW I just added your blog to my subscriptions in Google Reader. It looks like we have some simular taste in books.


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