Wednesday, July 2, 2008

UPDATE: June Book News

Aah, June. You knock the stuffing out of me every year. I always think that since school is winding down that I will have more time, but it turns into a real decompressing time and my brain takes a holiday. Soccer starts, so we are at the pitch every night - 3 kids and they all are at different places. Getting ready for graduation is more tiring than I expect. This is the long way to say I didn't read as much as I usually do, but, I had quality books this month. And I bought a bunch more.

Challenges are going well, I have finished a lot, and right now, 5 more books will finish 5 other challenges, so I feel like I have a handle on things, and I have a great list of books for July. The last week of June, the teachers go through the library and get their summer reading. We are so lucky to have a library at work!

75. Hotel du Lac - Anita Brookner
74. Heart-Shaped Box - Joe Hill
American Born Chinese - Gene Luen Yang
73. Mudbound - Hillary Jordan
72. A Case of Exploding Mangoes - Mohammed Hanif
71. A Long Way Gone - Ishmael Beah
The Complete Fairy Tales - Oscar Wilde
70. The Awakening - Kate Chopin
69. The Cellist of Sarajevo - Steven Galloway

Books Acquired (in my defense, it was my birthday this month)
Wine Food Bar
The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway
A Case of Exploding Mangos by Mohammid Hamid
Planets by Dava Sobel
The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene
The Trouble With Physics by Lee Smolin
Mudbound by Hillary Jordan (won in Southern Reading Haiku contest)
Voices by Arnaldur Indridason
Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris
The Camel Bookmobile by Masha Hamilton
Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann
Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson


  1. June is a good month for birthdays! My library expanded a bit this month for that very reason. I am almost finished reading Then We Came to the End. I haven't quite made up my mind about most of it yet--it'll be fun seeing what you think about it!

  2. Looks to me like you had a terrific month, especially quality-wise. Several of those are on my wish list. Birthdays are a great excuse for indulging!


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