Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, where are you?

Today, I am in the weirdest house that a person could possibly live in. Apparently it is true, so poor Augusten Burroughs did well to live and survive his poor demented childhood. (Running With Scissors)
In my space travel of the Planets, I am heading to Jupiter next in the chapter called Astrology.

Where is reading taking you today?


  1. I can't believe it is Tuesday and I am NOWHERE!! After visiting poor, turn of the century Brooklyn (A Tree Grows there...), I'm in between books. I hate that feeling. Have fun with Running With Scissors--the movie was way too much for me! ;)

  2. I'm in San Diego, attending a writer's group lead by a misanthropic novelist, and there's a murderer in the group...
    Jincy Willett's The Writing Class

  3. I am in Leeds, trying to figure out why I seem to be able to fix everyone elses love life but mine is non existent (The Cupid Effect by Dorothy Koomson).

    I am also in Victorian England dealing with my estranged husband who instead of agreeing to my request for a divorce has dared to suggest that I must give him an heir first! (Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas)

  4. I'm in early 20th. century Brooklyn where a tree is growing and people are very poor. (Betty Smith of course.)

    I'm also in Kenya delivering books via a camel mobile library to poor outlying villages. (The Camel Bookmobile - Masha Hamilton.)

  5. trish - Oh no! Go find a book, now.
    I don't think I'd be interested in the movie, at all.

    amy - another new title. I love mysteries.

    marg - women had it tough in Victorian England days.

    cath - I read the Tree last year, and have the Bookmobile, ready to be read. It looks good, and I've been seeing a few people reading it already.

  6. The 8yo and I (in our read aloud) are still sailing the seas with Dr. Dolittle and we are now off to find the great Glass Shell Snail.

    Personally I am on my first case with Kay Scarpetta in Richmond, Virginia. (Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell)

    I am also in 1860s rural England following a true crime of a poor 3yo boy who was brutally slain. (The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher)

  7. I'm still in England in the later 1800's with Queen Victoria - Prince Albert has died and she's devastated. Her ministers and advisors are having to work hard to keep her visibly out there as Queen. The first half of Queen Victoria: A Personal History by Christopher Hibbert was pretty much a chronological story of her life until Albert's death. The second half has been more of a theme per chapter and looking at that issue over the latter part of her reign. Very interesting book.

  8. nicola - I haven't read Scarpetta in years, they were always good.
    I just got The Suspisions of Mr Whicher too, I hope to get to it soon.

    suziq - there would be so much info about Queen Victoria around, it would make a great read. She lived so long!

  9. I'm dividing my time between an English boy in India who grew up believing he was Indian (The Far Pavilions) and a group of lazy ex-New Yorkers turned Loyalists in Shelbourne, Nova Scotia (Loyalists and Layabouts).

  10. I'm in London where Mr. Norrell is trying to bring magic back to England. (Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell)

  11. This is such a fun feature you do! I just made my way out of the Lincoln Tunnel into New Jersey (The Stand). And I'm in both Gettysburg (The Killer Angels) and Fort Sumter (The Civil War) in the 1860s.

    I also wanted to let you know that round 2 is up in the vocab. game if you'd like to stay in the game (and we really hope you do!). By the way, you had one of the point-winning sentences last week. :)

  12. I'm on Shell Street, 'Sconset with three women, two children, and a college boy. (Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand) Yes, on the beach in Nantucket again this week!

  13. For me, I'm heading towards Jamaica Inn with Daphne du Maurier. We haven't gotten there yet. But we have been warned not to go!!

    I'm also heading up the Appalacian Trail with Bill Bryson and friend!

  14. chris - Loyalists and Layabouts - that's an interesting combo

    terri b - oh, that book scares me it is so big. And I see somewhat mixed reviews.

    debi - I love The Stand, and I should reread it after the 20 years it's been. But I think I read it all night in almost one sitting. Oh to be 20 again.
    I played again with the voacb. I put it on my google reader, so I won't miss it.Summer is a good time for me to do this, once school starts for me, I'd be too busy.

    bookinhand - my, Natucket sounds nice this time of year.

  15. stephanie - I'm going to try a duMaurier in the fall, spooky stuff. I'd love to do the trial with Bryson sometime.

  16. I'm in the jungles of Papua New Guinea with a bunch of mosquitoes, following around a white mary who is looking for a possibly dead journalist. Yup, lots going on!

  17. I'm in the woods just beyond the twoleg nests hunting with ThunderClan. (The Warriors, Book 1: Into The Wild by Erin Hunter)

  18. I'm in a truck on a highway outside Flagstaff. The book is 3 Aces by Richard Ide, and I just started it today. So far it looks like it's gonna be one heck of a road trip. :)

  19. I'm in 3 different places:

    1. late 19th century America. I'm the young child of divorced parents who have joint custody chiefly so they can use me as a shuttlecock. "What Maisie Knew" - Henry James

    2. I'm an artist in New Zealand. I live alone near the beach, and lately a mysterious young boy who is mute has been turning up on my doorstep. "The Bone People" - Keri Hulme

    3. I'm walking the streets of Shillington, PA waiting for my lost luggage and reminiscing about my childhood there. "Self-Consciousness" John Updike

  20. wendy - sounds exciting! Thanks for stopping by.

    the printed page - that one sounds fantastical. I read 'twoleg' a few times before I realized what it must mean.

    ruth - road trips sound lke a great idea in the summer

    bybee - 1. that sounds sad
    2. loved The Bone People!
    3. I haven't read any Updike yet, but he sounds like a great candidate for the A-Z challenge. U's are hard to find.

  21. Tried to post this yesterday but my internet connection didn't cooperate.

    Today I am in the year 2018 inside the multiplayer on line virtual reality game Avalon 4 with a forensic accountant who is trying to figure out how a band of orcs with a dragon managed to rob a virtual bank and we have just been attacked by intruders. Having last played a computer game not long after the pong era, I am a little lost but am finding the world intriguing and the story compelling. (Halting State by Charles Stross).

  22. I'm late! And so behind with my blog reading!

    This week I've been going back and forth between Ireland and Cornwall England, following Tristan and Isolde as they fall in love. Those poor poor souls! :) (Isolde: Queen of the Western Isle by Rosalind Miles)

  23. I had a tough time finding this section! I do not know where I am; I am guessing that I am on an island that is populated by Tahitians that is off of the coast of New Zealand. I am reading the Marraige of Loti by Loti for the French book group I belong to at Yahoo! and he is writing his experiences with the French Navy. I have yet to get to the part where he does get married or not. The time period is about 1850's and the illustrations that Loti drew with pen and ink are remarkable! It is like looking at a photograph. Judy (Intergalactic Bookworm)

  24. I am Sevilla with Javier Falcon were there has been a grusome murder!


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