Thursday, July 3, 2008

BOOK: Miss Julia Throws a Wedding by Ann B Ross

Miss Julia Throws a Wedding by Ann B Ross

Southern Reading Challenge, in a series

I hate giving much of a review for a book in a series because if you haven't read the first books, it makes no sense, and if you are in the series, finding out about a book too far ahead and ruin the plot of earlier books. So, for people who haven't read Miss Julia, I would say that the books get better as you go. The other characters around Julia, a southern widow whose life was turned up side down after her husband died, are more developed and their relationships with Julia more interesting. Julia continues to be torn between her Southern deportment and her need to control everyone and everything around her. I am enjoying this series, and look forward to the next one. They are the perfect summer fluff to start my summer vacation.


  1. I recently wrote a very similar review for book 4 of Jim Butcher's Dresden files. Series books are hard to post more than about a paragraph about without giving away something from the others.

  2. This is good to hear! I've read the first and thought it was just ok, so I'm glad to hear they get better as I think Miss Julia is an interesting character.

  3. I keep thinking maybe I should give in and read another Miss Julia book, but I felt the same as Nicola -- not really impressed. I'm glad to hear they actually improve.

  4. lisa - exactly. Readers of the series don't want to know what's coming, and if you dont' read the series, you don't care that much.

    nicola and bookfool - I thought the first one was OK, but like you, knew other people loved the series, so I tried the 2nd one and enjoyed it much more than the first book. Now they are my fluff reading. I haven't got into Stephanie Plum at all, but Miss Julia is like that for me.

  5. I read the first couple in the series with a book group. They were enjoyable light entertainment. I've continued with the rest of the series as audiobooks. I'm not sure I would have continued to read them, but I find them perfect for 'commuting and errand run' listening. They're good for something to listen to in 10-15 minute blocks. I just got the 8th in the series and loaded it onto my ipod this past weekend. I've got several other books on there, so I'm not sure when I'll get around to listening to it.

  6. I am so behind on this series, but it's so fab! Book 2 is on my Triple 8 list, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

    I think I need to read only series that have just started, because I can never get caught up. There's no way I'll ever get to 14 with the Stephanie Plum books and by the time I do, she'll be at Heartless Hundred or something...


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