Monday, October 27, 2008

BOOK: The Borden Tragedy by Rick Geary

The Borden Tragedy by Rick Geary
A Treasury of Victorian Murder, Volume 3

graphic novel

I'm sure I've read a nonfiction account of the Lizzie Borden tale, because this was all very familiar. It was a slim volume, but I love that it is part of "A Treasury of Victorian Murder." Geary takes the account based on a found manuscript of an anonymous peer of Lizzie's. I read it pretty quickly, but it gave a nice visual, and presented a pretty balanced account of what might have happened. Nice map of the house and presentation of possible motives and alibis of several suspects. I think the best part is the back cover, where Lizzie is compared in many ways to OJ Simpson, as a sensational murder suspect.


  1. This looks really interesting. I saw on that there are a bunch in this series. Thanks for reviewing this!

  2. I thought the back was interesting as well!

  3. As a huge Lizzie Borden fan I also loved this! The graphic presentation was amazing and now I'm hooked on the whole series, just a few more to go.

  4. I'm going to have to check this out. I read a nonfiction account when I was a college freshman. It contained much of the trial records. I have doubts about Lizzie's guilt but not about OJ's.

    Raidergirl3, I tagged you for a picture meme. It's fun, quick and easy, but don't feel like you have to do it. You can see the short rules HERE.

  5. I really liked how Geary showed the house layout.

  6. I enjoyed this little book. Unfortunately our library doesn't carry the rest of the series. :(


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