Monday, October 20, 2008

BOOK: High Spirits by Robertson Davies

High Spirits by Robertson Davies

RIP III, 2nd Canadian Book Challenge

Short Story Monday:

I finished the last four stories in the collection in time for the RIP III. I am not going to review the last bunch individually. All the stories follow similar patterns, including all being about 10 pages long.

This was a nice group of ghost stories. I liked the theme, that Davies reads a ghost story every year at the Massey College Christmas party. And an important college would only have famous ghosts visits. The overall tone is amusing and wry and a probably satirical. I'm glad I picked up this book for the RIP, and read my first Robertson Davies.

"The King Enjoys His Own Again"
"The Xerox in the Lost Room"
"Einstein and the Little Lord"
"Offer of Immortality"

also reviewed by melanie