Monday, October 6, 2008

BOOK: Miss Julia Hits the Road by Ann B Ross

Miss Julia Hits the Road by Ann B Ross, 339 pages

series challenge

Apple crisp in the fall. Macaroni and cheese casserole on a winter day. Bread pudding any time. Comfort foods are not necessarily meant to be high cuisine, but they are tasty and reliable and bring back great memories of childhood. Miss Julia is a comfort read as I can usually fill a day with a book and enjoy some time in North Carolina with characters I know and enjoy. No earth shattering literature here, just a 'Southern comedy of manners', as I learn what outfit would be suitable for a motorcycle Poker Run, how a yard should be kept clean, and what topics are suitable for discussion in mixed company (not labor or Viagra type medication.)

Miss Julia continues to grow and thrive on her own after the death of her husband, Wesley Lloyd Springer. She is realizing some of the choices she missed out on during her marriage, and getting closer to Sam, in a romantic manner. That is one slow moving courtship. All the great characters are back - JP Pickins, Hazel Marie and Little Lloyd, Lillian, Binkie and Coleman, and Sam.

Best scene - Miss Julia convincing Emma Sue Ledbetter to enter a poker Run motorcycle event; and Miss Julia having to get changed out of her dress to ride a motorcycle as well.


  1. Comfort reading is great! What is the first book in this series?

  2. I have only read the first in this series, but don't remember much about it. Maybe I'll have to give the second a try next year.


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