Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CHALLENGE: Genre Challenge

samantha at bookworms and tea lovers is hosting this fun looking challenge, with a variety of genres to choose books from.

November 1, 2008 – November 1, 2009

The goal: To read one book in the following genres.
Here's a list of potential reads, all subject to change.

crime fiction - drop
detective fiction - Voices - Arnaldur Indridason Dec 22/08
mystery fiction - Three Bags Full -Leonie Swann Jan 27/09
horror fiction - Lisey's Story - Stephen King Dec 30/08
thriller fiction - Too Close to Home - Linwood Barclay, Nov 11/08
romance fiction - Heart and Soul - Maeve Binchy, Dec 11/08
science fiction - The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau 02/23
action/adventure fiction - Gentlemen of the Road - Michael Chabon, Nov 29/08
fantasy fiction - Book of 1000 Days by Shannon Hale Jan 13/09
realistic fiction - drop
historical fiction -Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende Feb 6/09
western fiction - Rapunzel's Revenge by Shannon Hale Jun 21/09

Specific definitions of these genres can be found in this post.

There are three options if you want to join:
A: Read 10 books, drop the genre you read the most and one of your own choosing
B: Read 11 books, drop the genre you read the most
C: Read 12 books

I think I'll do A, dropping my most usual read - realistic fiction, and also crime fiction. That leaves 10 books to read, a reasonable number for a challenge.


  1. Could Around the World in 80 Days be an action/adventure fiction? I've lent it to Mom, so it's there if you want it.

  2. c - I'm sure it could. I'll get it from her. You liked?

  3. Hi! I just saw your 2nd comment on my Friday Finds blog tonight--about the Maeve Binchy book. I saw the release date on Amazon and thing it must be the U.S. release date--I know it has been released in Europe and now it sounds like Canada--boo hoo! I hate having to wait!
    Your genre list looks great by the way--I have joined too and had a great time picking books.
    Have fun--
    (page after page)

  4. I did like it. It was a quick read too.

  5. I like your book selections! I have "Voices" on my shelf but I was saving it to read around Christmas time since the plot involves a murdered Santa Claus. =)

    And "Well of Lost Plots" is awesome (which you probably already know if you're reading Fforde). AND I'm in the middle of reading (sort of - it's a long story) "Three Bags Full." Those sheep are hilarious though at the moment it's kind of dragging in the middle.

    I love this challenge. I wonder if I should join. Hmm...

  6. Yay, I'm glad you're doing this one, too!

    My book club did the Courtesan book a few years ago and I really liked it.

    I was thinking of doing Three Bags Full as my mystery, too! But the library one won out. But I'll definitely be reading the sheep one eventually.


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