Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BLOGGING: It's Tuesday, Where Are You?

It was announced yesterday that Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction this year. I know some readers who quite enjoyed it, so I bopped over to my online library and requested it. I remember waiting in line three months to get The Road at the library, but that may have had as much to do with Oprah picking it for her book club as for winning the Pulitzer. Are you more or less likely to pick a prize winning book to read?

In reading, I just volunteered to join the Hunger Games in a futuristic world. It's a televised survival game meant to keep the colonies down. (The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins)
I am still harvesting my crop in Appalachia with Barbara Kingsolver as well (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver)

Where is reading taking you today?Leave a comment, write a post, spread the word.


  1. Ya know, literary "prizes" don't really sway my reading, one way or the other; I've read some winners that I've enjoyed, some I haven't - it's really just a notable factoid, as far as I'm concerned, that really doesn't "mean" much (as far as my enjoyment of the book) either way.

    Good question, tho. I'll be interested to read how others respond...

    Oh, and I'm on an oil rig in the North Atlantic; you can read more of my "adventure", hereHappy Reading, everybody...

  2. Hunger Games does sound good.

    Here's mine: where are you?

  3. I am in the foothills of Trinidad while reading "A Thirst for Rain" by Rosalyn Carrington.

  4. I want to read The Hunger Games!

    I am here.

  5. My daughter really enjoyed The Hunger Games. I'll definitely read Olive Kitteridge, because I'd already planned to read the 2009 Pulitzer, Orange, and Booker winners. So yeah, I read prizewinners ;-)

    This week, however, I'm "reading across borders" with a Uruguayan author. Here's my post.

  6. Hunger Games and Olive are in my stack to be read!!

    here is my post:


  7. Yeah for the Hunger Games! Good luck, watch your back!

    I'm up there in Canada, in Fort Tigonderoga, or however you spell it, living through both wars and the Depression. (The Blind Assassin)

  8. I will read a prize book if it's the kind of book I like to read. The prize only makes me take a closer look. I read the synopsis for the latest and so I will take a second look. The Kingsolver book is one of my favorite books of this past year. Hope you are enjoying it.

    My link is here: http://joyfullyretired.com/2009/04/21/tuesday

    *Margot @ Joyfully Retired

  9. I'm reading about Isabella of Spain. Also reading about food from Chinese-American, Korean-American, and Dutch-American perspectives. (one read, 2 to go). Am gaining weight just reading about the foods.

    Need to go walking in Kenya.

  10. Wow! You're really traveling. Have fun!

  11. "The Hunger Games" is in my TBR pile too! In fact, I read a few pages this morning to tease myself into reading it very soon. :)

    I so want that Olive Kittridge book. I'd already intended to read it, but the fact that it won the Pulitzer bumps it higher up on the TBR list.

    If I'm not all that interested in a book, winning a prize won't really sway me. Case in point, I still haven't read "The Road," although I did like "No Country for Old Men."


  12. I'm in Yorkshire. I did a favor for my boss about a month ago and tracked down his 16 year old runaway daughter in London. She was mixed up with some rough folks and has come home. Now I'm investigating the murder of a local small time crook.

    Cold is the Grave by Peter Robinson.

    I'm not sure how these two storylines are going to connect for Inspector Alan Banks, but I'm sure they will in this 11th book in his series, but I'm sure they will. I love this series.

  13. I really want to read The Hunger Games - need to get to it soon after clearing up some ARCS.

    Here's the link to my literary travels this week:

  14. Hi!
    Haven't read any of your books listed. I'll have to check them out! Mine is posted here:
    http://sherriesbooks.blogspot.com/2009/04/its-tuesday-where-are-you-and-teaser.html Have a great day!!


  15. I really liked Olive Kitteridge. Seems like it's a love it or hate it kind of book.

    Re: prize winners - depends on the prize. I'm all about the Orange prize winners because most of the short and long listed books are ones I've liked. The Pulitzer is definitely a mixed bag for me. So is the Booker.

  16. I'm jumping aboard! This is my first week.


  17. I am in three places.


  18. I am in Scotland in the 1700's having arrived here completely by surprise from the 1940s (Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon).

    I am also spending time in the Ancient times of the Celts in what is now Ireland and England with Diedre who has run away from her betrothed, who happens to be a very powerful king and wants her back! (The Swan Maiden by Jules Watson).

  19. I just left Shanghai last night (Shanghai Baby) and now I'm traveling through the history of crime fiction. I started that journey in Baltimore with Edgar Allan Poe.

  20. I'm a day late and a dollar short, as usual! I'm in Discworld again with Witch Weatherwax. I'm laughing a lot at Pratchett's look at life. what a delight.

  21. I'm probably less likely to choose it if it has won a prize. I usually find those books too dark and/or sad for my taste. I've been making myself read some along but....

  22. I stopped by your lovely blog today. I tend to read novels recommended by a friend rather than a prize winner.
    Ann Summerville
    Cozy In Texas


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