Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GAME: Bookword Game

Results from last week's poll: a book that continually gets moved to the 'next in the pile', but never gets read?
With 33 % of the vote: Wait-listed, as suggested by Serena. Well done, Serena. Does everyone have a wait-listed book? Land of Marvels by Barry Unsworth has been my wait-listed book so far in 2009. Soon, soon.

On to the next game:
Have you ever found a book at the used book store and it's one you've heard of, for me it was Oliver Twist, and the book looks pretty short? Score! You pick it up for $0.75 and excitedly pick it up to read when you get home. Suddenly, your arms are too short, it takes two days to read the first chapter, and you can't figure out why it is so hard to read. Oh, yeah -

a book with very little space between lines (likely, it's a public domain book/classic) giving deceivingly few pages to read

What shall we call this margin missing book? Leave your suggestions in the comments and then next week we'll vote at Sueys.


  1. How about 'magnifiglass book'?

  2. Lol, can I say all my books are wait-listed? It takes me forever to get to a book I actually own since the library books come first.

    Sorry, no clever words here. Headache and Eye-strain are what come to mind for me.

  3. I have had this book called Gifted out of the library for months, and I keep putting off reading it. It didn't check out properly, so it's officially not checked out to me - I know I should return it but I do want to read it! Someday...

  4. I'm kind of like Jennysbooks - just about every book on my shelves is wait-listed. The one that is tantalizing me most is In the Woods, but I'm saving it for just the right time because I know I'm going to love it.

    The word that popped into my head is 'marginally-challenged'. We could call them MCs for short.

  5. Congrats to Serena! :)

    No suggestion from me at this point, but I love Booklogged's "marginally-challenged" (aka MC)!

    Okay - after thinking about "marginally-challenged" and trying to encourage others to throw out suggestions, how about a "No White Space" or "Densely-Packed" or "Densely-Driven" book.

  6. Interestingly enough, I woke up this morning with this one in my head: An Ink-Linked Book. Meaning that there's so much ink that it's all linked together. And, please remember, it was thought of before coffee! lol

    I wish others would make suggestions. It's fun to read them. What about Raidergirl3 and Suey??? I haven't seen any suggestions from you guys! :)

  7. Joy, there's some that I DO have suggestions for, but this one wasn't one of them! I tried, though! :)

    Yeah, we are a little sparce on our suggestion list this time. That should make voting easy! I'm writing up the post/poll right now, so come on over shortly.

  8. SORRY, Suey! After I clicked the orange Publish button, I thought that maybe I should have verified my claim. I was a little click-happy, apparently. :) Truly, I'm sorry for my statement. It wasn't meant in a mean-spirited way at all. I think this game is a lot of fun and I wish others would participate. I realize I'm preaching to the choir (those that read these comments).

  9. LOL Wait-Listed...I have several of those books in my TBR pile

  10. Hey,Joy, I know you are just totally teasing us! :) No worries. But I really am going to try harder to think of some suggestions of my own. And thanks so much to you for being such a fun Bookword Game participant!


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