Friday, April 3, 2009

BOOK: Specials by Scott Westerfeld

Specials by Scott Westerfeld, 372 pages

It's the End of the World; third in a series; young adult challenge

Tally and Shay and Zane are all back living in New Pretty Town and being rebellious. The story is a continuation of the Uglies and Pretties books, and shouldn't be read out of order. It completes the story of the future, where beauty is desired and the population must be controlled so they don't ruin the world again like the Rusties did several hundred years ago. Nothing new here, just more awareness for Tally of her actions and how her world is run. The population is gradually breaking away from the rules imposed on them, since as in all good dystopian books, while everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others. This eventually causes problems.

This series has been enjoyable and I'd compare it to cotton candy: easy and light, enjoyable, but nothing too deep. Fun while you read it, especially all the neat future gadgets, but gone quickly.


  1. I really enjoyed the series as well, however I felt the ending of this one was a little lame.

    There is another book called Extra's now which I believe is either set just after or during Tally's adventures but is set in another city.

  2. I have Specials on order at the library - though the second one in the series 'Pretties' was a bit weak but looking forwards to seeing how it is wrapped up.

  3. Yeah, this is an enjoyable series! Nothing too strenuous, but good. :)

  4. I loved Uglies and yet I still haven't picked up the others! Bad Ladytink!!!

  5. I not really a fan of this series but I agree that it is very light. It takes me about two days to complete one book. And that is with my classes.

    I enjoyed Pretties much better than Uglies.


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