Wednesday, October 14, 2009

GAME: The Bookword Game

It's time for a poll to vote on the latest Bookword - What do we call a book that makes you read chapter after chapter long after you decided to quit for the night?
Maybe we still like pageturner, or maybe someone has thought of a new word that is better. For a few days there, it looked like pageturner for the win, but then some ideas appeared. thanks! I left the pageturner option in the poll. Here are the choices:

  • midnight special suggested by bybee
  • continue-em suggested by arcona
  • Tunnel-vision read suggested by Michelle
  • Obsess-a-book suggested by Michelle
  • a flipper suggested by Suey
  • Insomni-book suggested by CarrieK
  • Addictabook suggested by Melissa
  • Rivetread suggested by Bibliolatrist
  • Engageapage suggested by Bibliolatrist
  • AM Addiction suggested by raidergirl3
  • Pageturner suggested by the rest of the world
Be sure to stop by my blog to vote in the poll for the next week only, (it's not visible on Google Reader.) I'll have the results next week, and then another word to think about.


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