Saturday, October 17, 2009

CHALLENGE: Four Month Challenge, Part Two

Beginning November 1st, running until the end of February hosted by Virginie Says... This is a fun challenge, finding books to fit different categories, and adding up the points. I never expect to get all the points, but it's the trying. Italic titles are ideas and possibilities, bolded categories are completed.

Running total: 210 pts

5 Point Challenges

Read a book with a proper name in the title - The Nine Live of Charlotte Taylor by Sally Armstrong

Read a book about a queen or king - The Heretic Queen

Read a book by a Bronte - The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte

Read a book about Vampires - Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Read a book by V.C. Andrews -

10 Point Challenges

Read a book by Canadian author - Vinyl Cafe Diaries by Stuart McLean

Read a book by Charles Dickens -

Read a book set in France - The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick

Read a book by Georgette Heyer - Why Shoot the Butler?

Read an ‘art’ themed book - Girl in Hyacinth Blue by Susan Vreeland

15 Point Challenges

Read a book with a Civil War theme (any country) - Small Wars by Sadie Jones (Cyprus)

Read a book with characters inspired by King Arthur or about King Arthur/Camelot - I Am Morgan LaFay - Nancy Springer

Read a biography/autobiography - Nellie McClung - Charlotte Gray

Read a book related to or something by Shakespeare - Tales from Shakespeare - Marcia Williams

Read a book by an author born in November, December, January or February - Hypothermia by Arnuldar Indridason (January)

20 Point Challenges

Read a book with a wintery theme (Christmas, snow, ice, freezing etc.) - Let It Snow - John Green, et al.

Read a book that was a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction - Interpreter of Maladies - Jhumpa Lahiri

Read a book that begins with A and one that begins with Z - The Art of Mending by Elizabeth Berg, Z for Zachariah by Robert O'Brien

Read a book from The Modern Library Top 100 - Wide Sargasso Sea, The Bridge of San Luis Rey,

Read a book and then write a review- How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff


  1. This challenge sounds like fun! Good luck!

  2. I need another challenge like...well, you know. But geez, this one really does sound like fun!

  3. I'm going to be doing this challenge, too. Your list looks good and more filled in then mine. I better get with it, huh? I wish i still had Colleen's books to read for the vampire category, because I'm not interested in reading any more vampire books.

  4. Looks like fun. I wonder how many points I could score in four months. I'll start compiling my list now.

  5. vasilly - I did the summer challenge like this and it was fun!

    debi - I know, I have a hole in my head too, but I loved seeing the points add up. There are many categories whre I have no clue if I'll read any, but last time, I got through all by 2.5 categories. I was half done one .

    booklogged - glad you are joining too. I know what you mean about vampire books. Virginie is pretty flexible though - maybe she's let you read zombies instead? I just got World War Z - an oral history that looks really good, or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

    petunia - making the list is most of the fun, and finding books to fit the categories that are books you wanted to read anyway. I'll look to see your list, and get some ideas.

  6. I think I'll be joining this one too - just the thought of making this list of possibles makes me smile! :-)


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