Thursday, October 22, 2009

GAME: The Bookword Game

The results are in, and better late than never. With a strong showing in the poll, the new word for what we call a book that makes you read chapter after chapter long after you decided to quit for the night is midnight special suggested by bybee. Great suggestion bybee!

This week we'll look for suggestions for what we can call a book that would be good to leave in the bathroom to read. There are books you can buy, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader but sometimes there are other books that would be great in the bathroom. Any suggestions? I'll take suggestions in the comments for the next week and then there will be a poll for voting.


  1. The Devil's Dictionary - Ambrose Bierce. Funny and concise definitions of words flavored with Bierce's dark and sometimes bitter sense of humor.

  2. bybee - my mistake, I meant a name we could call a book that would be good to leave in the bathroom. But thanks for the suggestion!

  3. OOh...

    squat thought?

    LOL... Its early yet... I will keep thinking :)

  4. I've always referred to that type of book as a bathroom book. Not very clever, I know.


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