Sunday, February 7, 2010

BOOK: Dead Cold by Louise Penny

Dead Cold by Louise Penny,375 pages (also known as A Fatal Grace)

Book Awards IV: Agatha Award 2007; Global Reading Challenge: North American mystery

Continuing Mystery Series Review

Give a brief summary of the book:
Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is called back to investigate another murder in Three Pines, a village in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, during another Christmas season.

Getting to know the recurring characters; the interaction between Gamache and his investigative team as he mentors and teaches; the Canadian setting, which included lots of snow and curling this time; the village of Three Pines

Gamache is pretty perfect. That's all I've got for this category.

Additional Thoughts on the Series:
There is a much bigger story going on in the background with Gamache and his superiors that left me hanging at the end of this book. The next in the series is called The Cruelest Month, also the Agatha Award winner in 2008. The mystery itself is really a small part of the book, as the relationships between Gamache and the villagers, and within the Surete, is the real story.


  1. I've listened to the first two of this series as audiobooks and loved them. This one was great and I even listened to it around Christmastime which was perfect. It may be a while before I listen to the next book, though because I'm in the process of re-reading the Harry Potter series via audio first.

    If you are interested in trying the audio of this series, I think the reader (Ralph Cosham) is exactly the perfect voice for Inspector Gamache.

  2. I love this series. I've listened to all of them except the last one (#5) because I received it as an ARC. Interestingly enough, I liked the last one least. Hmmmm I wonder if there's any connection there. ??? I hope you continue with the series.


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