Monday, February 15, 2010

MEME: Crime Fiction Alphabet

Mysteries in Paradise hosts a weekly meme on mystery authors and books, highlighting a different letter each week. Beginning February 15, 2010, posts with the letter R, for author first or last name or book title are being collected

This week, R is for Rounding the Mark by Andrea Camilleri.

Published in Italian in 2003, Rounding the Mark was translated into English by Stephen Sartarelli in 2006. By the seventh book in the series, Detective Salvo Montalbano is getting tired of dealing with bureaucracy and is contemplating retirement. Out for a relaxing swim, he bumps into a corpse. Another case involving traffickers of children might be connected, and Montalbano is drawn into the case.

I liked how Montalbano, who seems old-fashioned and not with the modern times, is dealing with a very modern issue in Italy. The level of criminals he is dealing with here is very high-tech. And as with all the Montalbano books, Salvo is rude and crude and eats so very well.


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