Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GAME: Bookword Game

Last week, Suey wrote:
This week, in honor of Valentines Day, let's find a word that describes a book you totally fall in love with. A book you want to hug to your chest and cherish forever! I always call this kind of book "one of my all-time favorites" which is obviously kind of a mouthful.

And we got a lot of suggestions and contributions this week! Hurray!
The suggested names are:

Jan - Kindred Spirit Book
Julie - Book Crush
Julie - Heart's Book
Julie - BFF - Book Friend Forever
Arcona - Heart's Delight
Arcona - Close to the Heart Book
Julie - Signature Book
Tinylittlelibrarian - Bookloved (stress on the last syllable, like beloved)
bybee - Visceral Book

Wonderful collection of ideas, how ever will you pick? Come on by my blog and have your say. I'll post the results next week, and keep this post on the top of my blog until the voting ends.
Voting has closed.