Monday, February 8, 2010

MEME: Crime Fiction Alphabet

Mysteries in Paradise hosts a weekly meme on mystery authors and books, highlighting a different letter each week. Beginning February 8, 2010, posts with the letter Q, for author first or last name or book title are being collected here.

This week, Q is for Kwei Quartey, author of Wife of the Gods.

From Kwei Quartey's website:

Dr. Kwei Quartey was born in Ghana and raised by an African American mother and a Ghanaian father, both of whom were university lecturers. Even though his professional writing career began after he became a physician, his desire to be a writer started at a very early age.

Kwei Quartey now lives in Pasadena, California. He writes early in the morning before setting out to work at HealthCare Partners, where he runs a wound care clinic and is the lead physician at an urgent care center.

Here's my review of Wife of the Gods, one of my favorite books from 2009. Set in Ghana, it takes the reader to the conflict between traditions and modern conveniences, as well as introducing a new detective, Darko Dawson.

And I see from Quartey's site that another book with Detective Darko Dawson is planned for 2011. Wee! I'll be looking forward to Children of the Street.


  1. Thank you for this contribution with a new-to-me author. I think that has been one of the great side effects of the meme - recommendations of books that make us say "I need to find that"

  2. This book is on my wishlist for sometime now!

    Here is my Crime Fiction Alphabet: Q post!


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