Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BOOK: Shakespeare's Christmas by Charlaine Harris

Shakespeare's Christmas by Charlaine Harris
series challenge
The bad news about this book is that it really had nothing to do with Christmas; the good news is that it was an excellent little mystery.
Lily has travelled to her hometown for the wedding of her sister just before Christmas. It's a big sacrifice, because she'll be back with her parents and all the people who knew her before and just after the brutal attack that changed her life. Plus, she's the maid of honor and there are showers and parties, and Lily will have to get dressed up, with makeup?
Soon after she arrives, the town doctor and nurse are bludgeoned to death, and then Lily's boyfriend, private investigator Jack shows up, investigating an eight year old kidnapping.
Another excellent edition of the Lily Bard mystery series. The mystery itself was tight, and interesting, and Lily's cleaning actually came in handy for her snooping. I like seeing Lily's evolution as she is beginning to come back to the land of the living and caring people. Her love interest and now her family, and showing a new side to her as she grows back into a person.
This is a series and author I hope to read more of. Harris has several other series as well, a vampire series and another southern mystery.


  1. john - I really need to proofread better before hit post. Lily lives in Shakespeare Arkansas now, and the wedding happens a few days before Christmas.

  2. I haven't tried her Lily series. I much prefer her Sookie (vampire)and Harper (finds dead bodies) series.

  3. This is one I want to read. I love this series! I say that having only read one book in the series so far. Haha

  4. I like this series. I wish she'd been able to write more in it. It was interesting to get a glimpse of Lily and Jack through Sookie's point of view.


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